Deezell – Mr. Lecturer The Making ft Feezy Dabo DProf Dj Ab …

Deezell - Mr. Lecturer

Deezel Mr. Lecturer The Making ft Feezy Dabo DProf Dj Ab …

Reports have confirmed that the making of Mr. Lecturer, a series from Arewa Cartel has gathered heat. Deezell, who is the mastermind behind this project posted on his Instagram account earlier in this week. He mentioned that the second episode of the said series is not being shot.

In addition, he showed a short video of him working with some of the actors, camera men, and more on stage.

“The signs are very positive. And from what we have seen, this is a Nollywood level project.” Hayim was quoted.

Deezell – Mr. Lecturer The Making

Deezell – Mr. Lecturer

Another superstar that is on the project is Feezy, who we also caught a glimpse of on Instagram yesterday.

Although, he is an Artiste, Engineer, Editor and a Designer, all signs are showing that the superstar is going to be directing in the project. That being said, know that we are yet to confirm the capacity at which the Hausa popstar will be featured. Because he can do it all

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    1. Быстрое возведение: Секунды – определяющие финансовые ресурсы в бизнесе, и скоростроительные конструкции дают возможность значительно сократить время строительства. Это преимущественно важно в ситуациях, когда актуально оперативно начать предпринимательство и начать монетизацию.
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