Learn Tech Free in 2023

Learn Tech Free in 2023

Learn Tech Free in 2023


In today’s fast-paced world, technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, shaping almost every aspect of our lives. It is important for aspiring tech entrepreneurs to stay abreast of the latest trends and skills and harness the power of innovation to compete in the industry. Luckily, there are plenty of online resources that offer free tech learning opportunities. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best free tech learning websites in 2023 to help you gain new skills, stay relevant and excel in the tech industry.

Websites to Learn Tech Free in 2023


Coursera has been the leading platform for online learning for years. In 2023, it maintains its reputation as the techs of choice. The website offers several free engineering courses in partnership with world-renowned universities and organizations. Students can access video lectures, quizzes, assignments and discussion sessions to enhance their skills in various tech fields such as programming, data science, machine learning, and more. While some advanced certifications and specializations require fees, accounting-related courses and access to study materials remain free.


Like Coursera, edX offers tech courses from renowned institutions. Sponsored by Harvard University and MIT, edX delivers high-quality content and interactive learning experiences. The platform covers topics such as computer science, cybersecurity and software engineering. While certificates can come with a cost, courses accounts give students free access to the full range of course materials.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a household name in the world of online education. Originally known for its math courses, the platform has expanded its offerings to include programming and computer science courses. The website’s user-friendly interface and well-structured tutorials make it ideal for beginners. Students can access interactive exercises, instructional videos and track their progress, all for free.

Where to Learn Tech Free in 2023

Code Academy

If you are looking to hone your coding and programming skills, Codecademy is the place to go. Focusing on coding languages ​​like Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc., Codecademy offers a hands-on approach to learning. The free version of the platform provides students with basic content and coding exercises, while Codecademy Pro offers additional features for a subscription fee

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to share course materials online. While it doesn’t offer certification or direct contact with instructors, it offers a wealth of technology-related resources including lecture notes, assignments, and tests and is a great resource for those who want to dive into the technical topics that go deep in the face.


Udemy is the largest online learning marketplace with a wide variety of tech courses, both free and paid. While paid courses often offer detailed information and instructor support, there are also plenty of free technology courses. Udemy covers a variety of topics including web development, app development, cloud computing, and more.


As the name suggests, FreeCodeCamp is a platform focused on teaching coding skills. It emphasizes hands-on learning and provides practical projects to work on. The course covers the full stack of web development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and backend technologies. Along the way, students help run nonprofits to gain real-world experience.

Google Developers

For tech enthusiasts looking to learn directly from industry experts, Google Developers offers comprehensive free courses, guides, and documentation. The platform covers a wide range of topics related to Google products and services, including Android app development, machine learning using TensorFlow, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and other web technologies

Everyone can Learn Tech Free in 2023

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is a valuable resource for web developers and aspiring website designers. MDN provides comprehensive documentation on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web-related technologies. The “Learn Web Development” section contains tutorials and guides to help students understand web technology from the ground up.


While not a traditional tech-learning website, YouTube offers an extensive collection of tech-related tutorials, coding walks, and informative tech techniques. Many content creators generously share their expertise, making YouTube a wonderful resource for technical learning. From basic coding concepts to advanced machine learning algorithms, you can find tutorials on almost any tech.

Learn Tech Free in 2023


The Internet is a treasure trove of free tech learning websites, offering unlimited opportunities to sharpen your skills and explore new areas of interest Whether you are an experienced developer or a tech newbie , these platforms cater to students of all levels. Embrace the vast knowledge at your fingertips, take the time and effort to learn, and stay ahead of the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Learn Tech Free in 2023

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